Our Philosophy

Good Shepherd Creative Play offers a fun, caring and safe environment for your child’s first classroom experience. At Creative Play, our goal is to develop a love for learning for each and every student.

When children are actively engaged in play, learning is taking place. They learn to share, verbalize their needs and interact with each other. Children learn to express themselves creatively through play, art, music and language. We understand the importance of academics in a pre-school classroom, and through creative lessons, our children will gain the knowledge necessary for success in their next school experience.

A child attending Creative Play will discover their place within a social setting. Children will learn that to have friends, they must learn to be a good friend. We give our children the proper tools to achieve this.

We recognize the important role the parent has in their child’s education. Creative Play offers parents the opportunity to participate in their child’s school experience. The warm and friendly atmosphere at Good Shepherd Creative Play gives parents the chance to gather for fellowship and discussion.

When parents, teachers and children are actively engaged in learning, we know fun and exciting things will happen.