The first week in January is registration for Church members and Creative Play alumni families.

The last Monday in January or the first Monday in February is registration for new participants.

Our Open House is in late January and you are welcome to visit with some of our teachers and alumni parents. We also encourage you to call the school to set up a tour during the month of January. We are excited to have you see all the fun and learning that takes place at Creative Play.

Please call the school office (845-735-2737) in December for the open house date or to schedule a tour for January. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have about Good Shepherd Creative Play.

"The halls are alive with the wonderful sounds of the giggling children. A pleasure to be around."
Grandparent at pickup

"Whenever I asked either friends or neighbors where they sent their children to preschool, the answer was always the same, Good Shepherd Creative Play. It certainly made me feel good about my choice."
Laura, mother

"I have such fond memories of my time at Good Shepherd Creative Play ... my boys loved it and still ask about their teacher and I still have lunch with the moms I met."
Eileen, mother of 2 boys