Good Shepherd Creative Play has afforded the ultimate preschool experience for my four children. Each child is different and each experience unique to that child. What remains consistent at Good Shepherd is the overall goal to have a child learn and grow as an individual. If it is your first child, the fear of letting go is quickly replaced, thanks to the entire staff, by the anticipation of what each new day will bring.

When you walk in the doors, you are greeted with a smile from the office staff, which is ever present for the children and parents alike. The teaching staff is dedicated to providing a wholesome environment while educating the children, age appropriately. If it is you last child, returning to the school is like visiting an old friend over a fresh pot of coffee, while wearing your favorite outfit.

When you days at Good Shepherd come to an end, your child will be well prepared for kindergarten and you will feel abundantly blessed by the experience you received as a parent who wants the best for their children.

Gina, mom of 4, Pearl River, NY

My family has been coming to Good Shepherd Creative Play for 7 years. I have always loved the program here and the times I have spent in my children's classroooms have created priceless memories for all of us. Each teacher here is loving and dedicated to the children as the teachers are and they are on hand to handle any issues that may arise. I have always walked out of the school knowing that my kids are in the best hands possible. I never considered any other program for my children, and I have never regretted my choice. Good Shepherd Creative Play is the only preschool for us!

Maureen, mother of 3, Nanuet, NY

The organized and friendly administrative staff at Good Shepherd Creative Play take care of all class and program preparation so that the teachers can be 100% dedicated to the children during class time.

Lauren, mother of 3, Orangeburg, NY

Good Shepherd Creative Play is a wonderful parent co-op preschool that my children have been attending since 2007. The school is over 40 years old but has remained a small, warm, play based environment – a rare find nowadays. I love being able to work in the classroom, alongside the teacher, actively taking part in my children’s education. I cherish this experience and time knowing that once kindergarten starts, your role in the classroom is very limited. The teachers are energetic and fun with a solid knowledge of early childhood development. The level of respect and care they give to each and every child at the school is commendable. The day is a perfect combination of reading, singing, creative play, and academics, which help children develop an early love of learning. The school was the perfect choice for my children.

Meredith, mom of 3, Pearl River, NY

I have been involved for the past eight years at Good Shepherd Creative Play. It has been an enjoyable experience for all my children. The teachers and office staff has always made me feel welcome and comfortable leaving my children there every morning. My children have learned the social skills and academics needed to ensure a successful transition into Kindergarten. I would highly recommend Good Shepherd Creative Play to any parent considering enrolling their child in a preschool program.

Allison, mom of 4, Pearl River, NY

It is such a great experience to be in the classroom with my daughter and to see firsthand her development as she learns and grows throughout the school year. The teachers and the staff at Good Shepherd Creative Play are second to none and make the pre-school experience enjoyable for the children and stress free for the parents.

Brendan, dad of 3, Pearl River, NY

I never thought I would be able to send Michael to preschool as he has life-threatening food allergies. My older son Daniel went to UPK at Good Shepherd and I got to know the office staff. I found the school to be a peanut free facility and they had already dealt with children with food allergies. After talking with the Director, I decided to send him and it was the best decision I made. Michael is now in his second year at Good Shepherd and he has developed into a happy kid who loves his school and looks forward to going every day. I as a mother, have such confidence in the school that they do everything possible to keep him safe. It’s the caring and compassion from the office to the classroom, they really go above and beyond to make it a wonderful environment for my child.

Helen, mom of 2, Nyack, NY